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Case Study


Healthcare Website Design

New Aesthetic, UX/UI & Conversion Strategy

For New West Physicians, we created an entirely new website from the UX/UI, User-Flow, Aesthetic and Development. An extensive project, there were many different feature sets in the scope, including Staff Recruitment, Seminar/Event Booking, Provider and Location Finders and New Patient vs. Existing Patients User Experience and User Interface. Post launch we have continued to work each month with NWP to enhance and refine their presence, including projects for Accessibility, SEO, Performance and Maintenance.

Project summary

A significant undertaking, the New West Physicians website was a refreshment to existing aesthetic and platform. We moved the site from Joomla to WordPress for easier management, and created a brand new UX/UI and User Flow to engage better with patients new and existing. Post launch we also worked on refinement to manage the plethora of new content added on a monthly basis to improve performance and enhance SEO.

The Strategy

Our major focus here at the commencement of the project was that, to that point, no distinct UX/UI approach had been applied to individual key stakeholders. For example, there was no defined path for New vs. Existing patients, who we believed had very different journeys. So we set about creating a more customized approach for these two stakeholders, alongside a third stakeholder (New Providers) and then built out a more synnergistic aesthetic for the site to match the Branding.

  • New UX/UI Design
  • New Design Aesthetic
  • Accessibility Compliance.
  • SEO & Conversion
  • Ongoing Maintenance & Security

Proven Results

Over the months after launch, and beyond, we worked hard to refine the NWP website for superior lead generation. We found the following key metrics improved significantly through our strategically implemented approach.


Search Traffic Increase


New Users Increase

Sessions Increase


Page View Increase

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