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A History Steeped in Results

From a bedroom office in Northern Ireland in 2007 to serving 100’s of clients around the globe in 2019. Along the way we became trusted outsource partners to many marketing agencies in 5 countries. At  Zenith we excel at service, strategy and results. Discover that feeling, today.

Our Approach to Online Marketing is Centered Around User Experience, Engagement and Conversion.

To become an online marketing expert you have to think like a potential customer. It’s a much-overlooked methodology but one that we stake our name on every day. When we perform website design we don’t just ‘build a website’. We design a website from the ground up; a potent mix of online sequencing in design, User Experience (UX), User Interface (UI), Conversion and Analysis to ensure only the best results for our clients from day one. If you’re in the market for a new website design, or any online marketing service like SEO, E-Commerce, WordPress websites, or simple a company to maintain your website to the highest standards moving forward, well, we do all of that.

Our Dedicated Team

Our trusted Design & Strategy team is based between the US and UK and deliver cutting-edge strategy and design using psychological principles which impact our clients bottom line in the positive. 

Are you a talented, professional designer or developer looking to join a growing team with the flexibility to work from anywhere in the world, for clients around the globe? Click below and shoot us your resumé, we’re always looking for talented team members…

Alex Fleck

Alex Fleck

Founder, CEO & Strategist

Alex started Zenith in 2006 in his bedroom office near Belfast, Northern Ireland. From there he grew a successful private client business between 2006 and 2013 before emigrating across the globe to Colorado, and now residing in Lewisburg PA. With a history in Psychology & Marketing and data-driven approach, Alex guides the company to success with a creative vision and dedication to elite service. You can view Alex’s credentials at the LinkedIn profile below…

Dave Phelan

Dave Phelan

App Project Manager

Dave works directly with app clients to understand their timeline, budget, and overall goals for the mobile app project. He works directly with them to narrow down the final version 1 scope of work. He handles on-boarding the client and working with the development team to get the project started. He focuses on provided feedback based on experience in the startup and mobile space to help founders build scalable projects.

Dan Ward

Dan Ward

Director of Development

Dan heads up our development team of 35 highly skilled devs and began working with Zenith in 2013 and quickly became our go-to developer for all custom website development projects. Based in the UK and with a proven track record of high-quality programming and a solutions-driven mindset, Dan is one of the best in the industry and is constantly striving for new, best-practice solutions for all of Zenith’s clients in the web development area. 

Phil DiMuro

Phil DiMuro

App Development Manager

Philip DiMuro’s dedication to task and detail oriented nature makes him a fundamental part of the app management team for Zenith. He works directly with clients, the mobile app development team, systems architecture, and bringing ideas to life. His focus is client satisfaction and he oversees all mobile app development projects.

Our Web Development team is made up of 5 core hand-picked, exceptional programmers (and extended scalability up to 35) who are on-hand to deliver best-practice coding and custom web development to deliver high-level, functional and automated solutions for our global clients. 

One thing you can be assured of at all times… …We only work with the best, that is our demand of team members. We, like you, probably had some bad experiences with ‘off shore’ talent in the past – missed deadlines, poor quality, laziness and poor communication. We can guarantee that clients never experience anything but the best of everything from Zenith with our trusted team that is highly scalable.


Our App Development team is made up of 3 employees managing a team of (extended scalability up to) 35 who are on-hand to deliver best-practice coding and custom app development to deliver high-level, functional and automated solutions for our global clients. 

We can guarantee that clients never experience anything but the best of everything from Zenith with our trusted team that is highly responsive, talented and scalable.


Our Core Values

We run our agency on these three words. Add into those a hefty dose of skill, psychological expertise and latest technologies and you have the perfect storm for online marketing success...


We won't ever be the 'cheapest' company to build a website or app but we will offer the absolute best range of services for the most value and go above and beyond for our clients at all stages of the online marketing process. We work early, late and even weekends or holidays when we need to get your job done for you. You'll often hear clients rave about how we turned our schedules around to help them out of a bind or when they needed a fast change to their site to impress a new client.


Everything we do is measured and based on best-practices as well as our skill in this industry, which we've honed over a 13-yr period, in one of the fastest-moving industries in the world. We can measure every action we perform for you to ensure maximum transparency and ultimately we strive to reward clients with superior...


...Results. This is what it's all about. If we don't get amazing results for clients with beautiful, engaging and lead-generating websites and online assets, then why in the world would we do this? It's ALL about results for our clients. That's why we have clients that started out with us a decade ago and are still loyal and committed to the Zenith way of online marketing.

UX/UI & Conversion Strategy

Making intuitive, engaging websites & mobile apps that generate real leads and revenue for your business.

Design Aesthetics

Aesthetically exceptional design concepts set us apart from day one. Your website has never looked as beautiful as a Zenith website.

Web & App Development

We develop websites and custom apps that produce results tailored to your business objectives and geared for success.


Analysis & recommendations to enhance the performance of all of your online assets. Once Zenith gets involved you'll see & feel the difference.

Let’s Get Started

Ready To Make a Real Change? Let’s Build this Thing Together!

Zenith Online Marketing LLC

At Zenith, we strive for a great experience for all clients and visitors to our websites and online asset pages. Online Marketing and even a simple website design project is very important to us and we thank you for the time taken to visit and engage with our site.

If you have any online marketing needs, please get in touch and we'll be delighted to discuss options, latest best practices, cool ideas and how we can help elevate your marketing for future success.

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