E-Commerce Websites

If your goal is to sell your products, services or knowledge online via an e-Commerce website, Zenith has the tools, strategies and experience to help you achieve sales from date of launch and offer customers a unique, engaging experience. 

Discover Optimized E-Commerce Websites

Your Products Online

The ability to seamlessly sell and distribute your products or services online is a freeing. Our sites are set up and built for success from launch.

Take Secure Payments

Generate revenue 24-7 by taking automated, secure payments on your site and having them flow into your bank account as soon as the next day.

Maximize Revenue

Our unique conversion strategy and UX/UI expertise ensures that you maximize % of visitors turning into customers on your website.

Auto Distribution

Whether selling physical or virtual products we will automate the process of delivery including FBA, distribution integration, or delivering course content automatically.


Offer Chat Support

Chat support can make the difference between a lost sale and maximized revenue. Offer real-time chat or chat bot support on your site to engage with customers & hit better sales.

Coupons & Sales

The ability to offer coupons, sales and multiple revenue-generating features to your customers can help your website add sales every day.

What is E-Commerce?

E-Commerce means, to most people, that you sell products in an online store, and while that’s a good starting point it’s not entirely accurate, at least in its’ simplicity. With modern e-Commerce we can help clients sell products, services and even their knowledge, as well as collect automated payments for their invoices, direct from their website. We can build in Drop-shipping, Fulfillment by Amazon, distribution centers, Loyalty programs and much more.


How Do We Approach E-Commerce?

We approach e-Commerce in just the same way we approach a marketing website build, with strategy at all levels and customized to the clients’ Brand needs and voice. Ultimately any website, and especially e-Commerce websites, need to generate revenue for the client. The e-Commerce facility is just the functional mechanics behind the site to collect payments and, where necessary distribute goods or services in an automated way.



Our Flat-Rate E-Commerce Packages


*NB Our packages are always tailored for individual client needs and latest e-commerce facilities, so get in touch today and we’ll discuss your unique project.

We Automate Your Entire E-Commerce Website

Building Block For E-Commerce Success

We can take stock installations such as Shopify, Kajabi and WooCommerce, or customize the pre-purchase and checkout and post-purchase experience for your individual clients, it’s up to you.

UX/UI Builds Trust & Engages the User

Especially in an e-Commerce site, with a very specific focus on generating sales for your Brand, UX/UI is potentially the most strategically important. Thankfully we have over 10 years experience in approaching e-Comm from a Psychological perspective to ensure your customers and prospects take those next steps while on your Zenith-built e-Commerce website.

Sell Products, Services or Knowledge Online & Get Paid Instantly

Conversion strategy is the icing on the cake for UX/UI. When designed and built out correctly, the UX & UI intertwine to bring the user on a journey through your pipeline/funnel that we built on the website and leads to a logical conclusion where the user has enough trust and engagement with the brand that they wish to take that next step, whatever it may be. On any given website there will likely be a range of conversions, as shown above, from “Contact”, to “Purchase” or “Subscribe”. That’s why every UX/UI and Conversion strategy should be unique to the client, for a “one size fits all” approach is a foolish endeavor. 

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