The Impending Danger Behind the Wrong Facebook Profile Type – The Risk Your Business Takes


This is going to be a short post but one that might just save your social media skin in the future.

It’s focused solely on the type of profile to use within Facebook and I’m writing this because I see far too many businesses making this reckless, dangerous mistake, even now after all these years, which could cost them years of hard work. Please don’t let this be you.

How to Kill Your Facebook Marketing

[hr]If you use an ‘ADD AS FRIEND’ Profile on Facebook at present for your business, please pay attention, take action and change this TODAY.

Here are the reasons why you must use a PAGE for your business and not an Add as Friend Profile; it’s not a choice any more if you take your marketing seriously.[hr]

Lack of Features

Tailor Your Facebook PageThere is a massive lack of features when using an ‘Add as Friend’ profile for your business. No tailored page design options or methods of prompting people to follow you, no way to capture follower information (such as email), no statistics on your followers, no ad campaigns etc. All of these features are available with a Page profile, which Facebook have specifically designed for businesses, for this reason amongst others.[hr]


You are likely missing out on many followers who simply don’t want you, as a business, seeing their personal details, photos, comments. By asking them to add you as a friend you are asking them to agree for you to be able to access all this information. I certainly have a real problem with this type of profile that will mean that I will not add any business as a ‘friend’. I recently make the decision to never add another business as a friend and subsequently went through all my friends and deleted all the businesses on there. So all of those businesses can no longer market to me, update me with their news or potentially attract me as a client. That’s a real wasted opportunity.

In contrast, if these companies used the correct profile type (Page) more people would be happy to ‘Like’ them, following their updates without any risk of the company infringing on the individual’s privacy. They can thereby grow their following faster and more efficiently.

Now, this risk might change slightly with the introduction of Facebook’s new privacy settings whereby you can restrict which groups of friends view certain information about you, but I for one will never add another business as a friend. I know MANY (if not MOST) people feel the same way about their privacy.[hr]

The REAL Danger – Putting your fate in the hands of one employee

I see way too many businesses making this reckless error in judgement. They allow one employee to establish and manage their Facebook profile as an Add as Friend profile, which requires anybody wishing to use the page to login as that person using one username and one password. This is very risky.

What if that employee leaves the company (or, not to be flippant, dies) and/or has recently changed the passwords to the profile. Or worse yet, what if the employee leaves the company under bad terms – they could (if they chose to) simply delete the profile altogether. Or they could change the passwords and begin posting whatever information they wanted on your business page, to your followers… This could be made up of comments/posts that are detrimental to your company, offensive or worse. As unlikely as this may seem, you may have spent 3-4+ years building up a loyal following of 1000, 2000, maybe even 5000 followers. And with one click of a button, they’re all GONE.[hr]

Social Media Done Right – Facebook Pages for Business

With a Page profile you take away all of this risk. A Page is controlled by a number of ‘Admins’ within a company (or by an external contractor like Zenith) who can control the page through their own logins. If that person leaves the team, they are removed as an admin and the Page carries on unaffected. So if you’ve built up a large following, you don’t risk losing them or wasting a lot of hard work and time. It means there is no reliability on one person. Your business is at minimal risk in this way.

It’s a risk that I see many business take, to their own detriment. Trust the members of your team, certainly, but don’t put your social media marketing, reputation and potential at risk in this way. Keep it safe, efficient, effective and tailored so you can take great advantage of social media marketing for your company.

You can now migrate your profile to a page with ease thanks to Facebook realising that this is a common problem. Go to this link and follow the simple instructions to make this happen.

I guaran-damn-tee it you are being ineffective in your social media marketing if you’re using an Add As Friend Profile instead of a page for your company – Why would you let that happen?

For more info, or for any free social media help/advice, go┬áto this link and we’ll help you in any way we can.

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