Online Marketing Consulting

Online Marketing Consulting


Better Strategy. Better Service. Better Websites.

We focus on making our client websites generate income and superior profitability in the long-term.


Zenith is a Full-service Online Marketing Agency Steeped in a History of High-level Strategy, Experience and Results.

  • Website Design

    Superior Design is what attracts people into your site first. Utilizing the latest strategies in aesthetic design, UX/UI & Conversion strategy, we build tailored websites for every client, to the highest of standards.

  • Performance Optimization

    Have a sluggish or low-performing existing website? Get in touch for our unique audit which attends to every level of your website from server setup to front-end engagement & sit back and enjoy the success our optimization service brings.

  • Strategy Services

    The thing that sets us apart is our 15+yrs of experience in Psychology & strategic marketing. This is something most agencies miss altogether. Every full website build benefits from the strategic planning of our team before the site is even launched.

  • E-Commerce

    Discover how to market & sell products or services online in an automated system using one of our tailored solutions that will make selling online a doddle.

  • Online Advertising

    Run highly targeted ads on platforms as diverse as Facebook/Instagram, Google/Youtube or LinkedIn and get more interested prospects in front of your brand than ever before.

  • SEO Services

    Get your website, and ongoing marketing efforts, fully compliant with Google et al’s latest rules and build a long-term strategy for “Organic” success.

  • Content Marketing

    We can help you market or sell your expertise online via content marketing, online training products on highly marketable platforms.

  • Training

    If you need 101-level training, platform training or even more high-end strategic training, we have a range of solutions built for all levels of experience.

  • Website Maintenance

    Whether running system updates, adding content, or creating brand new functionalities or custom coding for your site(s), we have a team of dedicated experts ready to deliver, fast.

  • Analytics & Analysis

    Whether you simply wish to add an analytics package to your website, or you would like us to create detailed reports on the analysis of data and marketing plans for anywhere from 1-12 months.

  • Website Security

    A hack can be devastating, and they are becoming more prevalent than ever before. Ensure the safety of your website and income by enjoying the peace of mind our custom security retainers bring.

  • Something Else?

    Are you looking for an online marketing service not mentioned above? Get in touch today and let us know the exact objective for your online efforts and we’ll tailor a package.


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Our Consulting Services Bring Some Hands-on, High-Impact Factors to the Table, Which You’ll Love.

  • Clean Designs

    We build elite websites that perform for our clients. That’s why we have a worldwide client base.

  • Transparency

    We focus on the ‘important’ factors like traffic & conversion, but we also deliver analysis & transparency with every action

  • Superior Performance

    All of our websites are geared for one thing – high performance. Traffic, Speed, Engagement & Conversion.

  • 100% Mobile

    We are a cutting-edge agency and you can’t be that without providing clients with their maximum audience.

  • Focus

    Our tried & tested, high-conversion strategies ensure maximum revenue & profitability for our clients’ websites.

  • Your Audience

    Traffic is no use if it’s not the right type of traffic. We focus our attention on the right people to build a wealth of high-value visitors.

  • Healthy Websites

    Our websites & online strategy are developed with long-term success in mind. From the ground up, this is essential for your business’ profitability.

  • Communication

    We built our agency on a superior level of communication. Clients rave about responsiveness, availability & service.


Enjoy a Refreshing Approach to Online Marketing



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Alex Fleck is the founder of Zenith Online Marketing, builder of the team at Zenith and creator of the industry-leading online marketing training, “Total Online Blueprint”. With over 10 years experience in the online marketing niche, he provides clients worldwide with cutting-edge online strategy.


He also guest lectures in online marketing at multiple universities in the US and studies latest online techniques & trends constantly to guarantee clients have the very best at their disposal.






Why Zenith?

[text_block style=”style_1.png” align=”left” font_size=”18″ font_font=”Raleway” font_style=”normal” font_color=”%23767574″ line_height=”32″]My name is Alex Fleck, and in addition to running a number of successful online companies, I’ve worked with clients of all sizes in pretty much every industry, getting results for my clients in some of the most competitive online niches.

In addition to me, by coming on board as a client of Zenith Online Marketing, you get access to my expert team, who I have personally hand-picked for their talent, knowledge and expertise in this ever-changing industry. Together we have a wealth of experience & knowledge of latest techniques in online marketing that really work to build superior profitability for our clients in many different industries.


This is what we do best

  • Building Beautiful, High-conversion Websites
  • High Converting Squeeze & Sales Pages
  • Selling Physical & Virtual Products Online
  • Creating Effective Online Marketing Funnels
  • Optimizing Existing Websites

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