Our Services – E-Commerce

Our Services – E-Commerce

Sell Your Products & Services Seamlessly Online Using One of Our Customized E-Commerce Packages

We Offer Two Exceptional, Robust & Flexible Options For E-Commerce

WooCommerce is the superior e-Commerce platform choice on WordPress. As an ‘open-source’ product we have endless customization options available to us when we build your WooCommerce site.

From custom integrations or simple pre-engineered ‘plugins’ we can create a truly custom experience for you as a store owner and your customers, online.

Where WooCommerce shines is it’s open-ended function – What you can conceive you can achieve, with this platform. On the other side, depending on the complexity of your requirements and desires for your store, this can mean from 1 week up to 6+ months for development.

A basic store is simple to get up and running (e.g. less than a week), and if it’s a completely custom solution you’ll save money by using WooCommerce but will have to be aware of the longer development period to achieve an end product so customized to your needs.




Benefits of WooComm


  • WordPress-Based
  • Endless Customisation Options
  • Distribution Center Integration
  • Virtual or Physical Products
  • Stable Platform With Multiple Third Party Integrations
  • One Login to Manage Site

Points To Consider


  • Potential For Longer Development Period For Complex Stores
  • Some Added Management (e.g. Hosting)
  • Heavy-Duty Software (Server Requirement May Increase)

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Shopify is the best ‘software as service’ platform (i.e. you sign up for a store using their servers and they look after security and offer you access to their site-building platform).

Shopify is exclusively an e-commerce platform so it’s specifically engineered to speak to store owners. You can bring a Shopify store to launch in minutes (if it’s really basic) but something worth growing a period of 2 weeks is probably more appropriate to build in a strategy.


Where Shopify shines is it’s simplicity and ease for non-tech savvy users with it’s simple user interface. Where it is limited is in its’ potential to offer users room for growth – Shopify control their core code so we, as programmers can’t always customize stores the ways that would be ideal, to expand functionality or build-in custom components like Loyalty programs, custom aesthetics.

Our Shopify packages start at $995 but we will build a tailored package for you based on your individual requirements and objectives. Enquire today…




Benefits of Shopify


  • Rapid Launch
  • Software As Service (No need for hosting)
  • Distribution Center Integration
  • Virtual or Physical Products
  • Stable Platform With Multiple Third Party Integrations (Great e-Commerce Functionality)
  • One Login to Manage Site
  • Inexpensive to Establish

Points To Consider


  • Somewhat Limited Flexibility (No Access to Core Code) to Expand Functionality Endlessly
  • Monthly Access Cost ($29-299)
  • Basic Themes (Ltd Custom Design)
  • Potential For Growth?

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What We Bring to the Table For Your e-Commerce Project


  • Experience

    With over 20 years’ combined experience across our specialist team, we’ll bring the most cutting-edge ideas to the table; you’ll sell more and launch with impact.

  • Rapid Results

    Want to sell your products & services online fast? Our WooCommerce and Shopify expert team will tailor a plan to match your style for maximum access to your market.

  • Secured Platforms

    Security is key to building trust and keeping it, online. We’ll advise on best-practices & provide custom solutions to lock down your site and prove it to your prospects & customers.

  • 100% Mobile

    All our e-commerce sites are 100% mobile compatible & Google compliant. This maximises user experience, engagement and ultimately, SALES. We maximize accessibility for our clients.

  • Pay-Per-Click

    When your site launches you may have no traffic. We can help with our customized advertising campaigns. We can get you fast, targeted traffic for as little as $0.05 per click.

  • Analytics Dashboards

    It’s one thing to have simple traffic analytics, but our custom dashboards help you see, in real time, exactly the impact (positive & negative) that every action you take as a business has on your sales. We’ll connect the dots for you.

  • 24-7 Service

    We’re a 24-7 Agency, so you fully benefit from that. Our team of experts are based globally meaning your project can & will be worked on from dusk til dawn, wherever in the world you are. You’ll still have access to your one point of contact (direct project manager) as well.

  • Bright Ideas

    Our success is firmly based on our strategy and that is especially true with an e-commerce website. With every client site we develop a custom strategy based on research, testing and experience. That’s why our websites work, every time.

  • E-Commerce SEO

    A slightly different strand of SEO, it’s important your products are visible to as many eyeballs online as possible. We’ll help by adding your products (where appropriate) to selling networks (e.g. Google Shopping) so you get as much exposure as possible.

  • Global Reach

    Based in the US, Europe, Australia? Doesn’t matter, we can help you sell to anywhere from anywhere. In this day and age, with the right guidance, you truly do have a worldwide audience to sell your products & services to.


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