Hi Everyone,

Just a quick heads up about a new training course we’re launching to help businesses get up and running with Social Media. In speaking to a lot of clients recently, we feel that it’s a topic that is confusing a lot of people – We’ve found many business people  just don’t know where to start and yet they want to be able to use social media to help market their company. There also seems to be confusion as to the applicability of social media for certain types of business… Let me clear this up right now and say that ANY company can make Social Media work for them. We’ll show you how to do this in the training based on your individual industry…

In light of these recent experiences, we’ve created an intensive course (two, half-day training sessions) that will launch in April and is designed to combat confusion and to help companies get started on the right footing with social media. Numbers for each course will be limited to just 12 companies for a couple of reasons;

  1. Firstly, it’s an intensive course. Therefore, we need to be able to give each company enough focus in each session so that they leave the training having established their chosen social media platforms and having developed a semi-tailored strategy and some good background theory for their company on how to best move forward and begin effectively marketing their company through Social Media.
  2. Secondly, the room’s just not that big and we want it to be a small group so we can develop a good rapport between companies and help everyone get to know each other. A larger group would inhibit this.

As numbers are so limited, you will need to be quick to register (a taster session for this filled up within 2 hours of release!) – Costs are £90 for the two sessions (Just £45 per half-day session) which is an insane price considering it will give each company around £525.00 worth of consultancy content.

To expand a little on the flyer, so you know what to expect of the training, what we aim to do is focus on the following for each of the attendant companies:

  1. Demystify any confusion that surrounds Social Media for Business – It is simple once you have a little knowledge and we will show you just how easy it can be.
  2. General background on social media – what is it, how does it work, what are the benefits?
  3. Help you select the best range of social media platforms for YOUR company by showing you the strengths of each platform and our recommendations for the most effective ones.
  4. Establish those platforms with you where ncessary (so you don’t need to worry about it and can leave the training and hit the ground running).
  5. Explain the theory of social media so that you are utilising it in the best, most effective way.
  6. Show you how to develop strategies and goals and how to measure the success of those strategies, easily, at any time.
  7. Examine some brief case-studies of global and local companies who are using Social media (correctly and) effectively.
  8. Detail the fatal mistakes you must avoid if your social media marketing is to succeed.
  9. Illustrate what type of content you need to post and the frequency of that content.
  10. Explain the level of commitment that a Social Media Marketing campaign should involve for you, whatever the size of your company.
  11. Show you how to link your social media profiles to one another to increase efficiency and time-management – if we get time we will also do this with you in the training sessions.
  12. Answer any other queries you may have about social media marketing.
  13. Follow up training with a coaching call to see how you’re getting on and to answer any queries you have in the weeks after the training.

That’s the gist of the training content but what I also want to do is get some more suggestions for content from each of the companies that registers – Let me know the things that confuse you about social media, what aspects are limiting your progress (time, resources, perceived lack of content?) etc. so that I can tailor the training before the event in order to best focus it on your individual experiences. In this way you will leave the training with the very best value out of  the advice I give. Once you register we will email you a form to fill out in relation to this.

Let me know your thoughts and in the meantime (in case the image isn’t visible on your screen for any reason) here are the details of the training –

The two sessions will take place on:

Friday 1st April, 9am-1pm

Friday 15th April 9am-1pm

At Mallusk Enterprise Park (Conference Room)

Cost for the two sessions is £90.00 per attendee. As places are so limited we will need to receive payment for the course no later than Friday 25th March (1 week before training).

Refreshments will be provided.

You will need to bring a laptop or tablet with wireless connectivity with you so that we can get you up and running with Social Media throughout the training.

If you have any other queries please don’t hesitate to contact us in the interim and please be quick if you want to register; email [email protected] to do so. Once the places are gone, they’re gone!

Looking forward to meeting you all at the start of April!

Best Wishes,

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