How to SEO Your WordPress Website

How to SEO Your WordPress Website

In this video I’ll walk you through the essential ‘first-step’ process for optimising your WordPress website for Search Engines. If you don’t do this and seo your WordPress website, you’ll gear your website for failure, so please pay attention and perform these initial steps & install the recommended software.


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List Building Software – Best Way to Build an Email Marketing List Using WordPress

List Building Software – Best Way to Build an Email Marketing List Using WordPress

List Building in WordPress

In this video tutorial I’ll run through for you the best software to build sales & “Optin” (email list building) pages using WordPress. This means you can build these with no technical experience and build an effective email marketing list at the same time!


 * Since making this video the software company released an update which provides the optin software as a plugin for WordPress, so you don’t need to worry about the thing overriding your website design now! This feature now makes OptimizePress the single best software for building websites, sales pages and squeeze pages on WordPress.


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