Why You’re Failing at Social Media – 7 Steps to Certain Doom

Why You’re Failing at Social Media – 7 Steps to Certain Doom


At this stage it still amazes me how many companies (particularly and specifically in the UK & Ireland) are using social media for their business… in completely the wrong way. This is most true for their Facebook profiles, where they are seriously missing the available features at their disposal.

How to Succeed at social media for businessIt seems like businesses just don’t care. They are making basic mistakes, day in day out and are either proclaiming themselves to be ‘specialists’ or at least ‘knowledgeable’ in social media. Either that or they’re moaning about how social media ‘doesn’t work for us’ or complaining about how ‘that twat Zuckerburg’ has made billions and somehow using that as a reason not to use social media for the marketing of their own business.

Of course, in terms of its usefulness for business, these claims of social media’s inadequacy couldn’t be further from the truth. Hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of businesses worldwide are using social media to successfully achieve their individual goals. Indeed, we’ve attracted some of our best clients using social media… clients located all over the world whom we would never have been able to attract without social media.


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