4 Website Secrets Online Marketing Companies Won’t Tell You

4 Website Secrets Online Marketing Companies Won’t Tell You

4 Secrets That Online Marketing Companies Won’t Tell You…

I could get in trouble for this with other online marketing companies, no doubt.

In this article I want to expose and discuss a few of the biggest secrets that online marketing companies everywhere are keeping from you, as clients, that you need to be aware of to achieve success online.


1) You Can Get it Cheaper Elsewhere – Online Marketing Companies’ Prices Vary Wildly

Secret no.1 is potentially the biggest of all because you can always get it cheaper elsewhere. There are hundreds of resources online which will connect you with web designers, developers and full-service online marketing companies around the world who can do it cheaper than your existing online marketing company, or even our web agency. It’s just a fact of life.


Next, your options are less limited than ever before and it’s now truly possible to do it yourself  and build a pro website and online marketing strategy (sometimes even to an agency standard), without the need for a programmer or experience in online marketing. It can be quite the revelation.


Whether you choose to put the time into that learning curve alone is your choice, but it’s important to note that the resources are right there, at your finger tips, online.


What Content Management System to Use For Better Online Marketing Performance

If you are open to putting the effort in and spend a little time learning systems like WordPress, you can pretty effectively build a relatively professional website for less than $100.00 using ‘themes’ which are designed by industry-leading programmers and online marketing companies; some that can be installed in seconds.

If this sounds like a good option, we have a complete blueprint for doing this here.


Investment in Online Marketing Companies

Websites Should be an Investment

However, the reason why I’m open to revealing these secrets is that online marketing companies like ours still get all the high-paying private clients due to the fact that we specialise in offering bespoke consultancy packages based on a number of major benefits.


First, we build excellent websites, we research the niche, we offer services in all areas of digital marketing to ensure the strategy & website are polished, Search Engine Optimised, positioned correctly and effective for our clients.


That is a hard task to achieve yourself unless you have a strict blueprint to follow or someone to hold your hand through it all.



Our Recommendation In Terms Of Website Build & Online Marketing

If I had a personal recommendation for businesses, it would be to sit at either end of the scale – either do it all yourself or invest heavily in a one-to-one consultant who will develop a strategy for you and either show you how to implement it, or do it all for you.


By sitting in the ‘middle’ and opting for a mid-level-agency you’re guaranteed to get mid-level results because your agency will not be heavily invested enough in getting you what you really want… which is those high-end results.

Cheap or mid-level agencies will generally provide a nice looking website but rarely will they hit all the sweet spots between aesthetics, online strategy, SEO and so on (see below for the “four pillars”).

Online Marketing Companies' Secrets


It’s a personal approach but one that we value (and our clients value, above all else). To see why, please read our testimonials at the base of this post.


2) “You Don’t Need to Pay $5000-10000 for a “Custom Built” Content Management Solution” From a Flashy Online Marketing Companies

Lie no.2 is simply designed as a money-recoup. Some online marketing companies spend thousands, even tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars, on building their own content management systems, which rarely, if ever come even close to matching the free resources available online today.


Content management systems like WordPress, e-commerce resources like Shopigy and even shopping cart solutions like Stripe… These companies have spent years and $millions employing some of the smartest coders in the world, all to bring to the table simple, easy-to-use resources which WORK and function as they should.

That is a hard pill to swallow for most web agencies who have developed their own systems but it is, nevertheless true.


So, when a small company tries to push their own CMS on you, just be wary, that’s all. Ask questions, see it in action – if it does all it says on the tin, then why not use it, but otherwise you’ll probably find better solutions out there for much less of an investment.


However, I’d suggest there’s probably already a better solution, for less money, out there already. Just do your research and ask advice.


 *Caveat – While most online marketing companies can provide for clients to find their maximum potential for success online by using open-source Content Management Systems like WordPress, some companies do need bespoke solutions. This depends heavily on their industry and the functionality required of the website, so you should seek advice or do plenty of research.



3) “A Good Website Is NOT Just About Aesthetics” – REAL Online Marketing Companies Know This

An attractive website helps but it’s only 1/4 of the solution (Actually, these days it’s more like 1/5 of the solution, which you can learn in our free training in online marketing).

Equally important are the other aspects, which a website must accomplish to be in any way “successful” for a company or an individual. These important aspects of online marketing are:

  • Functionality
  • Engagement (Content)
  • Conversion (Call to Action)
  • Traffic
  • Analytics

A website with traffic but content which doesn’t “engage” the visitor (i.e. that doesn’t make them want to stay on the site for more than a few seconds) is equally ineffective.


And, if you have these other factors but do not ‘convert’ the visitor into an enquiry, purchase, subscription (or whatever the goal of your website really is) then it’s all a bit wasted, isn’t it?


Online Marketing Companies & The Lack of Focus On Key Principles

Most online marketing companies pay attention to the first pillar (design/aesthetics) but either ignore completely the other important pillars or vastly undervalue them. This can prove costly for a client down the line when they realise their website is simply not working for the business, not generating leads, not securing purchases.


I can’t stand on a pedestal, in the past I was guilty of this as well. However, as I’ve grown and learned the industry and honed in on what works and what doesn’t in terms of conversion, digital marketing strategy and traffic-getting techniques, I’ve come to realise the equal importance of each of the pillars mentioned above.


If you’re going to a web designer for a new website for your business, please make sure both you (and they) are aware of and will attend to, each and every one of these pillars. It will make the difference between failure & success with your investment in a website.


4) You Can’t Get All The Free Traffic You Want – Online Marketing Requires Multiple Streams of Traffic Generation


Another myth peddled by disingenuous online marketing companies is that you can get a ton of free website traffic by using Facebook, Twitter, Youtube etc. That may be true in the long-term but you need to put the ground work in first. It’s like earning your dues on the web, or as I say “building your credit rating”.

Some online marketing companies will provide a website and tell you that you’ll get a load of traffic by simply adding a Facebook page to your online arsenal.

The cold hard truth is that you’ll get minimal traffic from social media if you don’t have a very specific strategy to implement in the long term. Either way, to do this and get significant traffic from Facebook or Twitter et al, you will need to put in a lot of time an effort.


The Cold Hard Truth About Online Marketing Companies & Traffic Generation

The equally cold hard truth is that the only way to get real, targeted traffic as you launch your website, truthfully, is to pay for it. You can discover this strategy and more at our free traffic generation training here


You’ll need to set aside a budget for some of the modern forms of advertising online – Google Ads, Facebook Ads, LinkedIn, Youtube, in addition to trying to build an organic (free) audience for your website using protocols for Search Engine Optimization, Social Media and so on.

Again, this free traffic will generally take a while to generate so don’t lose focus on those important elements (*get them in place right at the start and allow them time to grow).


First, you’ll need to research what keywords are going to be ideal to target for this advertising your product. The way to do this is to use Google’s Keyword Planner. Or, get your online marketing company to do this for you if they aren’t already.


The key here is to research a plethora of very specific key terms & words that your very specific demographic is using to find your very specific product. When you identify these key terms you can, with the help of the Keyword planner, view the number of searches and competition for those terms.


The Next Steps in Traffic Generation

From that point you can start to add them to your website and online advertising campaigns to laser-in on the very people who are out there and searching for your product/service.


These secrets should be of help in pointing you in the right direction for dealing with a web agency (or doing it all yourself, which is a very viable option these days) to ensure you get maximum return on investment and a better product in the form of your website & online marketing.


Let me know if you have any questions or queries in the comments box below and make sure to like and share the content to your friends & colleagues so they can find value in it too.


If you’d like to know some major industry-insider secrets and a strategy to build an agency-standard website yourself, with no technical experience, head over to our owner, Alex Fleck’s Youtube Channel


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What to Look For in an Online Marketing / Website Design Company – Essential Considerations

What to Look For in an Online Marketing / Website Design Company – Essential Considerations



Superior quality, service and value. Beautifully designed websites. Cutting-edge knowledge of how to market online. This is what you are looking for when you seek out a web design company to develop a website for you or your company; but how do you ensure you get the best of all worlds?


There are a LOT of ‘online marketing’, ‘web design’ and ‘digital agencies’ out there who just don’t get it. Consumers are much more savvy these days but it’s easy to get confused with the sheer volume of online marketing solutions out there; how do you know you’re ticking all of the boxes?


Our web department was the foundation of our company when we launched in May 2008 in little ol’ Northern Ireland, and we still put a lot of focus on our web design services but increasingly have found that it’s important to focus on the ‘whole picture’. A beautiful website is nothing without the following elements supporting, and enhancing, it’s aesthetic design…


… you’ll be able to swiftly and effectively discern whether your online marketing agency is worth its’ salt by attending to each of these questions in turn…




It’s been a while since our last blog – not something we advise in general but we’ve been so busy with client projects (and then Easter and then the birth of my first child) that our own blog has taken a back seat in the last month. I’d like to come back with a blog aimed at Web design for businesses, an overly- confusing area for many of you – let’s see if we can’t help de-clutter the topic for you.


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