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We can customize a range of ideal services based on your objectives, or if you feel confident in knowing what you need, just connect with us below and we’ll chat through how we approach each, amazing service we offer. 

Want to Generate More Genuine Leads For Your Business, on Autopilot?


The great news is that Zenith, as true online marketing specialists based out of Lewisburg, PA, focus on just this very aspect of online marketing and web design. We achieve this in a number of key ways. First, we use only the best platforms available, from WordPress, Shopify, Kajabi, Clickfunnels etc. Next, we mix in our inimitable knowledge, skill and strategy in the online marketing niche and use your business objectives to focus and guide our key decisions at each key phase of the process.

In this way we achieve results from website design, UX/UI, conversion strategy, traffic generation and even e-Commerce websites. Along with the we hit a healthy balance of quality, transparency and results for our clients, and maximize Return on Investment at each step, which is why our clients love working with us.


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Online Marketing Can Be Overwhelming. We Make it Enjoyable. 

UX/UI Strategy

Discover why UX/UI strategy is the foundation of what you’re really looking for online; results. With our custom UX/UI strategies, based on latest psychological principles, you’ll bring lead generation to an all-new level…

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As UX (User Experience) and UI (User Interface) specialists, we pride ourselves in creating fluid, intuitive journeys for the visitors to your website. No more will you have any confusion over how many people come to your site and immediately leave. With our guided, always-custom strategies you’ll see how people engage with your website and will be able to refine the process moving forward, creating an always-optimized website and online asset library which engages your prospects and drives leads toward your business.

Conversion Strategy

Conversion is where you make your money. Without conversion your investment in the website or online assets is truly money down the drain. We hinge all of a beautifully executed conversion strategy.

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This is where we have competitive advantage over everyone else in our market. The piece of the puzzle that just about every other agency out there misses completely, is a tailored conversion strategy. Each conversion is different for an individual business. It’s a subtle balance and the reason we enjoy great success is that we base our approach off of our extensive knowledge of psychology. How people interact with your website and the mechanisms within it will ultimately determine the success of the website as a lead-generating machine. Conversion is the key and we do it better than anyone.

Traffic Generation

Traffic is the lifeblood that your website is probably missing right now. Our tailored strategies can help you achieve instant and long-term traffic (very different methods) for your business.

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Whether you’re just launching your site, or have a site that’s been in place for years, we can help you drive optimized, targeted and engaged traffic to your website. Using amalgamations of methods such as SEO, viral, video and online advertising we will help phase in a new dawn where you never have to ‘wonder’ where your next customer will come from and ‘hope’ they land on your site. 


In our view, just about every website we build for clients should be e-Commerce by default. Why? Because we want to get our clients paid online, whether it’s via selling physical or virtual products, clearing invoices or allowing visitors to donate, you should consider adding an e-comm element to your site.

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That might sound like a crazy (and expensive) idea, but it’s not. Whatever your business type, it makes sense to automate the process of getting paid by your clients. No longer would you need to wait on checks in the mail, getting lost, forgotten about. As simple as allowing clients to pay you for invoices on your website, donate to your cause, to paying for booking your time and even selling products, services or courses online, we have the perfect range of solutions and platforms for you.

Funnel Systems

Our automated 24-7 funnels attract, cultivate and engage with your prospects in effective ways so you can run your business and automatically generate new leads every day. Funnels incorporate a range of actions to more effectively generate leads on autopilot on your website.

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Our psychological approach is perfectly primed for effective funnel systems. Our funnel strategies incorporate a step-by-step, phased implementation from traffic generation, including squeeze pages, email sequences, landing pages, sales pages, up-sells and cross-sells and conversion strategy.

Website Design

Beautiful aesthetics built on a solid, research-based UX/UI strategy. There are few things more rewarding as a webmaster. With Zenith you get the best of everything with uniquely crafted designs that represent your brand…

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Our designers craft beautiful websites in the design room. Whether you opt for a fully custom, semi-custom or stock theme approach, we only provide the very best aesthetic design. Here’s the key —> Our websites aren’t just nice to look at. They pop off the page, creating instant impact and a lasting first-impression for your visitors. This attention to detail and aesthetics-based design provides something your competitors simply don’t have any more; competitive advantage. 

Website Development

Website development brings your vision to life, so it’s incredibly important to do it right. Key results in UX/UI, Conversion and even SEO will all come from intelligent and well-planned coding.

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Our team of experienced developers build your website, often from scratch, on the foundation of smart coding. In this way we ensure performance is at an all-time high for every client, that the system functions as it should to bring new prospects into your sales pipeline and that your website has the best chance possible to rank for the keywords you want it to, within your industry.

Development also impacts the lifespan of your website. If your current site is slow, not mobile optimized or just plain confusing to use, it’s probably got a lot to do with the development of it, and it probably won’t serve you for very long, or very well. 

Our websites are different because we attend to every key protocol required for longevity,  high-performance and lead generation.

Coaching & Support

If you would like to learn online marketing yourself, or have your business’ team discover the secrets of this lucrative market, we have courses and one-to-one coaching options to help support that journey.

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We have traffic courses (Totaltrafficblueprint), full online marketing A-Z courses (www.totalonlineblueprint.com) which you can enroll in today, and available online webinar sessions or in-person training where we take you through exactly the plan, platforms and execution strategies to take your online marketing to the next level. Get in touch today to discuss the best option for your business and we’ll schedule a free initial consultation to showcase the options.

Strategy Retainers

Real success is driven by collaboration and with this in mind we offer strategy retainers to help clients think clearly about their next steps in online marketing. From discussing best-practice, implementation principles or how to maximize the results of your next online campaign, we’ll work in tandem with you to achieve all of your goals.

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Strategy is often the last thing you think about as a business, when it comes to online marketing. “Build it and they will come” is the greatest mistake businesses make in relation to their websites. Let us help you optimize your online assets, increase performance and maximize Return on Investment by ensuring every step is planned and executed in the best possible way to achieve all of your objectives.


Analytics are essential if you wish to create long-term growth for your business, online or otherwise. By introducing analytics to clients’ online marketing we’ve driven massive changes in their approach to the discipline and enhanced their ability to adapt to changes in visitor behavior and increase engagement and revenue for their brand.

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Analytics drive refinement and ultimately lead to long-term results that far exceed expectations. A website without analytics is like driving blind; not a good idea. 

From straight analytics like Google (visitors, bounce, session duration, pages-per-visit) to feature rich platforms like Lucky Orange (heat map tracking and even video tracking) we are able to monitor your visitors to give us data which we can build out and refine your website assets for top 1% performance.

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