Why We Use WordPress for Content Management (CMS) – Easy! here’s why…

I’m not sure if this is ever even an issue with clients but I sometimes feel myself trying to explain why we (more often than not) use WordPress as our designated content management system…Some clients (who are perhaps more tech-savvy) ask specifically for a WordPress CMS right off the bat because they either have experience with the system (and therefore know how intuitive it is to use) or they know some stuff about SEO and know that you can’t really go passed WordPress in terms of making your site as Search-Engine-Loved as possible.

Wordpress Best CMS?

Here’s an email I got from a client just last night after we launched his WordPress website this past week:

Alex, really impressed with number of listings I seem to be getting on Google, especially main web site top hit.   Don’t know how some of these sites have got my details, but it doesn’t really matter, as long as I have the exposure!!!! Thanks!

These are the type of comments that make everything we do worthwhile – when clients recognise our specialties and the quality of our service it is a fantastic feeling; I love the fact we are helping clients achieve their business goals on a daily basis. It also clearly shows one of the immediate benefits of having a WordPress-powered website yourself.

Anyway, I still get the feeling that some of our competitors would probably try to sell their own, in-house, self-branded CMS’ to clients over the WordPress system. I don’t have a problem with this, I would do it too if we had developed our own; we’d no doubt have to make our money back on all that development time by selling it out at a certain price. However, we haven’t got our own CMS and this is the case for a number of reasons… Let me sum it up like this; What would your choice be in the following scenario – would you choose to buy a pair of Tesco own-brand jeans for £20 when you could get a pair of Diesel Jeans (or whatever your choice might be!) for £20 or maybe even £15!? Or would you choose a less comprehensive, less user-friendly version of the iPhone with an app library 1/100th of the size over the real thing, for much the same price? The same is true of the WordPress system… I truly don’t see the point in trying to develop a CMS (at least, not for the foreseeable future) when a huge company like WordPress just do it so well; we could never develop a system as comprehensive, user-friendly, SEO-friendly or with so many application options, in a million years. Especially when it often ends up saving our clients between £500-£1500+ per project… It just doesn’t add up, no matter what way you slice it.

And it’s not like there is a limitation to the WordPress system… It is “open-source” and free and that means that there are a number of BIG benefits for users, as follows:

A HUGE Plugin Library of Features – Limitless Customisation

WordPress is open-source which means computer geniuses, companies (large and small) and geeks in their bedrooms are all out there developing thousands of unique, boundary-pushing ‘plugins’ for the WordPress system for users like YOU, so that you can tailor your own WordPress website for your individual needs… This means gallery plugins, slideshow plugins, e-Commerce plugins, SEO plugins, Invoicing plugins, mobile device plugins etc. The list goes on… and on. The end result is an almost limitless library of features that we can access for clients directly tailored for their individual objectives and needs for their websites. Now, some more niche products are paid services but I don’t think anybody ever regretted buying quality. When I say ‘Paid’, I mean you’re probably paying between £40-100 max for invaluable features that will stand your website apart from the competition.


SEO - benefit of WordPressThe nature of the entire WordPress system – easy updates with unique content for your website – means that Search engines like Google LOVE your WordPress website. Search engines are more and more focussing on the quality and relevance of your content rather than simply keywords or paid ads. Search Engines like to see that you are interested in your website and update it regularly… If you don’t, you run the risk of being ignored or, worse yet, penalised! Needless the say, the easily-updateable nature of WordPress means you really shouldn’t have to worry about this.

In addition, the number of amazingly effective SEO plugins tailored for WordPress such as the ‘All in One SEO Pack‘ or ‘SEO by Yoast‘ mean that you can manage your website SEO easily, without any technical knowledge and with no need for expensive agency fees for updates in the future. With a little training (which we provide FOC with our WordPress CMS) you will find these types of plugins give you a major boost over your competitors.


Benefits of WordPress as a CMSThere is very little simpler than the control panel of the WordPress system. Much like Apple have the whole ‘intuitive navigation’ thing pretty much sewn up, WordPress too have their CMS beautifully designed. Customised elements & plugins appear down the left-hand side of the site as shown below

Of course, as simple as it is to use/navigate, we still provide clients with training & instructional videos based specifically on their site and tailored set of options/plugins.

Design Flexibility

We also use WordPress because the flexibility of theme choices and tailoring options is exceptional – in this way we can provide completely unique designs for client websites and tailor the WordPress system around our designs. Some less flexible CMS’ require the design to be tailored around the CMS, which proves restrictive.

Here are some of the recent designs we’ve come up with using the WordPress system –

Examples of WordPress websites

At the end of the day, we believe the system is the most flexible, user-friendly, Search Engine-loved and efficient system on the market. That, for our clients, means maximum value for money and return on investment. Which is kinda what it’s all about.

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