WordPress Specialists

WordPress Specialists


Wordpress Specialists Northern IrelandAs WordPress Specialists, it’s often important to start the conversation by clearing up some confusion that many people experience regarding ‘WordPress Websites’.

If you’ve heard of ‘blogging’ you’ve probably already heard the name WordPress. The two are synonymous because WordPress is the largest blogging platform in the world today.

However, what many people don’t realise is that of two versions of WordPress available, one is a simple blogging platform while the second is a full-blown, powerful Content Management System that businesses with major goals can use to their eternal benefit to guarantee online success – it boils down to the difference between WordPress.com and WordPress.org.


¬†WordPress.com, the original, is a hosted blog platform which allows the public to set up a blog on the WordPress servers. This means you’ll have a website address something like www.yourname.wordpress.com
¬†In contrast, WordPress.org is a ‘self-hosted’ fully customisable, open source Content Management System (e.g. exactly the type of thing that any business should be considering when looking for a new website).

The latter of these is the area of web & online marketing that we specialise in and have built our business based around. WordPress has proven time and time again to be the most suitable Content Management System for almost 100% of our clients in many different industries over the last 5 years…

  • Internet Marketers
  • Fitness Experts
  • Restaurateurs
  • Photographers
  • Interiors Companies
  • Consultants
  • ¬†Software Companies
  • Printers
  • The list goes on… and on…


The Golden Bullet – Why You Should Be Using WordPress to Power Your Website Today

The golden bullet in WordPress is its’ almost limitless flexibility. As an ‘Open Source’ Content Management System, it allows the development of little (and sometimes large) pieces of software called ‘Plugins’, which provide opportunities for customisation in myriad ways including – social media sharing, SEO software, membership site software, sales, e-commerce, newsletter integration, galleries, marketing and many more.

At this stage of the game, almost anything you can think of, any functionality you would like to see from a website, can be accomplished by using WordPress CMS and a selection of its’ available plugins. That’s where we come in; knowing how and what combination of software to use to build a site tailored to your needs, geared for success and for longevity in your industry.

This is how we’ve built a worldwide client-base and become true WordPress specialists; by selecting this platform as the best available and really honing in our skills and knowledge to develop a complete service range utilising the flexibility and potential that the WordPress system brings.

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As WordPress specialists we can provide the very best advice, design, and flexibility for any client in any industry. The nature of our work is so varied that we’ve worked on WordPress websites for Restaurateurs, Personal Trainers, Online Marketers, Consultants, Photographers, Property Agencies, Theatre Groups, Interiors Companies, Manufacturers, Bars, Distributors and many more.

Our experience in this industry has grown massively in the last five years and we are always proud that our success has been built upon providing WordPress websites for clients in so many industries to the highest of standards and with the most one-to-one service and after-sales care available.


Would you like to learn how we can create a superior long-term investment for you by using WordPress?

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