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Stock themes, custom designs & apps, e-Commerce, funnels & e-Learning websites; we do it all for clients on WordPress for our global clients in 30+ industries & niches.

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High Impact Aesthetic Design Creates a Lasting, Overwhelmingly Positive First Impression

High impact aesthetics are what will set your Zenith-designed WordPress site apart from your competition and initiate the best possible first impression and instantly stamp your authority on the marketplace and gain immediate competitive advantage.

Optimized UX/UI For a Superior User Journey

UX/UI combine to create a frictionless user journey through Zenith websites that engage and impress in equal measure. The visitors to your website will be enthralled by the experience they have on your website and will take logical, intuitive next steps to connect with your Brand in the ways that you want them to.

Conversion Strategy Built in to Every Website

What use is a great-looking, highly functioning website if it never generates leads and revenue for your business?

Conversion strategy is the icing on the cake for UX/UI and is what Zenith have built our reputation on. Our attention to psychological protocols and cues means every website is geared for superior lead generation, from launch.

When designed and built out correctly, the UX & UI intertwine to bring the user on a journey through your pipeline/funnel that we built on the website and leads to a logical conclusion where the user has enough trust and engagement with the brand that they wish to take that next step, whatever it may be. On any given website there will likely be a range of conversions, as shown above, from “Contact”, to “Purchase” or “Subscribe”. That’s why every UX/UI and Conversion strategy should be unique to the client, for a “one size fits all” approach is a foolish endeavor. 

WordPress Websites That Generate Leads For Your Business on Autopilot, 24-7.


WordPress powers over 25% of all websites online (currently around 80 MILLION) and is the best known, most flexible and easy-to-use Content Management System (CMS) in the market. Clients love the customization options and we love the flexibility WordPress websites offer from a marketing standpoint. 

We provide clients globally with WordPress websites as simple as pre-built stock themes (starting at $1495) to fully custom WordPress websites (Starting at $3995) built around the clients’ Brand, from the ground up.

Whatever your requirements of a website, we can help you achieve and exceed your objectives with a WordPress website package that dominates your competition due to our experience with UX/UI and Conversion strategy. 


Why is WordPress The Best Fit For Most Businesses? 


WordPress is not a ‘perfect’ platform, let’s get that out of the road. It requires maintenance (e.g. security, software updates) and has a learning curve (albeit much faster than other CMS platforms). However, the flexibility, customization options, SEO and ability to continue to build a vast library of content for your Brand with ease over many years make it the number 1 choice for most website design experiences.

Indeed, the website you’re on right now has been in existence for the last decade on the WordPress platform, albeit overlaid with 7 or 8 different aesthetics, UX/UI’s and content. That is testament to the last ability and flexibility of the WordPress engine that powers these websites.

In the last 10 years in the industry we have designed and developed WordPress websites for just about every industry and niche imaginable from entrepreneurs, industrial companies, restaurants, photographers, online educators, healthcare groups, fitness professionals, chiropractors, lawyers, financial companies, e-Commerce brands, e-products, venture capital accelerators, marketing agencies, dentists, interior design companies, office furniture companies, not-for-profit organizations, golf tournaments, environmental companies, competition websites… You get the picture. 


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