WordPress Website Security Services

WordPress Website Security Services


Lock Your Site Down. Simple One-time, Monthly & Quarterly Plans. No Minimum Term.

Secure your website now and avoid lost revenue, huge restoration fees or even a totally devastated website


A suite of tools & services designed to provide complete WordPress website security

  • Hack Identification

    Get website security alerts and allow Zenith to identify the root cause of a hack to avoid recurrence. The fact is, a website hacked once is much more likely to get hacked again.

  • Total WP Protection

    Lock your site down and avoid significant vulnerabilities. We have extensive security experience to ensure best-practices.

  • Superior Website Performance

    Avoid a sluggish site or labored server. Allow us to do a full security audit to identify & rectify bottlenecks.

  • Website Backups

    By performing regular backups, we’ll vastly reduce downtime if the worst were to happen and your site gets hacked.

  • Future Protection

    Avoid vulnerabilities with a monthly or quarterly update plan. We’ll look after the updates of all your website software to ensure stability and remove vulnerabilities.

  • Rapid Response

    We’ve protected hundreds of websites. We know where to start, how to protect and respond in the event of a hack.

  • Website Insurance

    While on a security plan with Zenith, should you ever get hacked (chances are vastly minimized) we’ll clean and restore your website Free of Charge.



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What Puts Your Website at Risk & What We Do to Protect You


  • Generic User Names
  • Outdated WordPress Installation
  • Outdated Plugins
  • Noted Vulnerable Plugins
  • Shared Servers
  • Weak Passwords
  • Access to Hack Countries
  • Create Low Risk User Names
  • Update WordPress Every Month
  • Update Plugins Every Month
  • Remove & Replace Vulnerable Plugins
  • Optimize Server Setup & Recommend Migration
  • Create Hard to Guess Passwords
  • Block IP’s & Multiple Login Attempts

What Else You Get…


  • Cutting Edge Advice
  • Fast Premium Support
  • Monthly Scans & Reports
  • Website Insurance
  • Total Peace of Mind

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If Your Site is Currently Hacked or Down, Click the Button Below or Call 970-270-2773 For Instant Response

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One-Time Service
  • Investigate Source
  • Clean Files & Server
  • Update Software
  • Lock-Down Site
  • Re-submit to Google
  • Security Software Install

One-time investigation, hack clean and securing of your website service

Monthly Plan
$195.00Per Month
  • Monthly software updates
  • Monthly Reports & Scans
  • Recommendations
  • Server Protection
  • Security Software
  • Monthly Optimization
  • Website Insurance
  • Free Hack Fixes

Monthly security plan for ultimate peace of mind

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