Why Choose Us

We’ve always prided ourselves on making a huge, positive difference to clients’ businesses. We think our clients words speak for themselves, too

Perks & Benefits


Responsiveness & Timeliness

We’re fast responders and deliver what we say we’re going to, on time to the highest quality.


Detailed Analysis

We’ve become so successful because we know what to look for to guarantee success over a long period of time for our clients.



Through our custom project management platforms we communicate with clients at an exceptional level. By default we use Slack, Trello and WhatsApp for a unified experience and superior project management.


Positive Outcomes

Every project we undertake guarantee to strive for excellence. History has proven that clients stay with us for the long-term.

Keys to Success

Our full-stack strategies which merge web, mobile and custom platforms create a consistently successful approach across the board, generating multi-platform leads for your business.


Maximum Exposure

We help Brands get into the right spaces to attract their ideal prospects and customers.

What Clients Say

We work with Alex and Zenith on a regular basis for all manner of website design: builds, repairs, upgrades, or adjustments, to name just a few. He and his team are thorough, flexible, honest and their work is completed properly and expediently. If they see a better way to do something, they let us know, which we not only appreciate, but have come to rely on. Thank you!

Julie Hober

Marketing Manager, Ryan Sawyer Marketing

Alex and his team at Zenith are consummate professionals that I trust to complete the website development and WordPress projects I send them with attention to detail and mindfulness of the deadline. The communication from the team is clear and timely, and they always deliver exceptional work! I have been very fortunate to be able to partner with this company on numerous projects this year, and I am already preparing to send them new projects as I write this review. Thank you, Alex and team, for amazing results and a great partnership!

Jake Weber

Project Manager, GPM

We have had the pleasure of working alongside Alex and his team on a number of digital and WordPress website design projects. Even though geographically there is quite a distance between us and them (USA to Oman), we still find these guys to be prompt, detailed and extremely professional and could not recommend them highly enough.

Richard Liddle

Director, M Media

Alex at Zenith is one of the best online partners I’ve ever worked with. His work is stellar, his strategies are effective and his work ethic highly reliable.

Teri Cavanagh

Owner, Cobb Marketing

I have worked with Alex and his team at Zenith Online for several years on many projects and I can’t say enough about their level of professionalism. Our projects ranged in complexity and Zenith was consistent and timely with their schedule, responded to questions with efficiency and never hesitated to recommend other solutions. I will continue to use Zenith for current and future projects and highly recommend them for any digital or website needs whether large or small.

Laurie Clark Hannam

Project Manager, Bonsai Design

I’ve worked with the Zenith team for 10 years now on multiple projects. Zenith continue to be the backbone for my business web development needs. Alex and his team offers a consistent level of knowledgeable and concise work. They have evolved as a company and stayed ahead of trends so they know and understand my business needs. Zenith has worked with me on web design and development, social media marketing and positioning, graphic design and business consultation in general. They have been invaluable to the success of my business.

Jen Reichert

Owner, Baja Baby Shop

I hired Zenith for some major online projects and was thrilled with the speed and quality of the work. I will definitely work with them in the future. Alex from Zenith and I hit it off the first time we started working together online because we’re cut from the same cloth and he understood what I needed when I hired him. Alex and the team at Zenith put just as much time and effort into making my site perfect and finding answers for my company as I do. I trust them with my business and they are always there for me on weekends, holidays and even when sick. They know their stuff and always deliver. On top of that, Alex is one hell of a stand up guy. Jason Ferruggia

Owner, Renegade Strength Club

So you are thinking of working with Alex Fleck and Zenith and want to know what it is like? Well, the words that come to mind are fantastic, awesome and maybe even totally wicked! Zenith have completed at least 5 digital projects for me including UX, PPC and complete website builds. I can honestly say without hesitation that they were all successes. One of the biggest traits of Alex, that sets him apart, is that he is a consultant and not an order taker. He does not show up and say “What do you want?”, rather he asks “What is it we are trying to achieve?”, and then gives you ideas and solutions to achieve it all.

Eric Mello

Marketing Manager, St Mary's Healthcare

Alex’s knowledge of all things digital is vast. Knowledge is one thing; disseminating it in an effective way so clients gain a genuine understanding of it is another thing altogether. Alex brings both of those attributes together through his range of online support plans like Total Online Blueprint. Loads of experience, passionate about all things digital; this is a guy worth contacting if you’re hungry to succeed!

John Bell

Marketing Manager, Smart Business Show

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